When you have selected the correct professional category for yourself, you will have a chance to add more specific details about your expertise in the section "Expertise". This section lets you add tags that will describe all the different skills and specialties that you possess. All these skills and expertise can then be found by users who are looking for specific capabilities. The more complete your profile is, the most likelihood you will get that other users find you and want to connect with you.

The "Expertise" section works with tags. This means that the fields will populate with the most common used tags on the platform and apply them to your profile. For example, if you select the category "software developer", you might want to add tags such as Java, iOS, PHP or any other software development languages you know. The same applies to a Psychologist which might want to add "cognitive psychology" and/or "couple counseling" if those are its specialities.

To add a expertise, simply search for it and click on the correct field when you find it. If you can't find your expertise, just enter the entire word and finish it with a comma so it is added to the platform. You can add up to 130 character for each different specialities on your profile.

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