In order to charge a chat conversation, simply click on the $ amount that appear on the top right of a chat discussion and you will have an option to request for payment for the service you offer through text. Once the other user has paid you using the default payment method (or any other payment method of your choice), you can enable several options of communications in the $ screen of the chat.

Whenever the conversation has ended, click back on the $ sign and select "Submit rating". This will send a request for rating to the other user and offer you a chance to also provide with a rating. It will also disable calls, video calls and scheduling. You can decide to re-enable any options at anytime by choosing the appropriate options in the $ screen of your chat.

You don't need to charge for a text or chat discussion immediately. You can wait to have more information from the other user on what they are requesting and make sure you can provide them with that specific service. Still, we recommend discussing about rates and payments rapidly in order to avoid dragging the process.

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