Your Instantgo assistant can automatically reply to text messages you receive and send your own personalized answers back! There are several ways to add an automatic answer to your personal assistant. Try it with your friends, it's useful and so much fun!

So how do you do that in less that one minute?

  1. First, you need to make sure your assistant is turned on. Go to your profile and click on 👇

Select the Artificial intelligence section 👇

And then make sure automatic reply is turned on 👇

Then click on Customize assistant to decide how long after you receive a message, your assistant should answer. You can also name your assistant! 😍

Now it's time to add your answers! You have 2 options:


The simplest way to add an automatic answer is by simply long pressing on any message you receive in a chat and then click on "add to assistant"👇

This screen will appear: 👇

-> The Question section is the message you will receive
-> The Answers section is the answer you want to answer.

You can then simply click on Save! If you want you can also click on "All" and decide who should get that specific answer if you don't want everyone to receive it (e.g. your door code). 

You can also add a picture or video so it is sent automatically with your text!! It's great.


From the Settings page shown above from your profile, and within the Artificial intelligence section, you will see a TRAIN option. Simply click on it 👇

You will see the same screen reappear where you can add both a question and answer (this time write the question yourself). There you can add as many questions and answers as you'd like!


Go and add a question such as "Hello" and then write the answer of your choice. Click save.

Have a friend send you a text message on the app which says "Hello" while your phone is in your pocket. Your assistant will automatically answer for you based on the time you have set it in your settings!

You will also receive a notification to let you know your new best friend did the job for you! 😊



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