To get started with Instantgo, you simply need to download an app to your iPhone here. Once you have installed the app and registered, you decide the rate you want to charge for your products and services to your customers. You also decide in which category you want to be included and add more relevant information to your profile.

2. Whenever you create an account, you get assigned as unique URL that you can share. Your unique URL is where “user” is the username you chose when registering. To get new clients onboard, many of our users go to the chats and send a message to someone who they know wants to reach them. 

3. Most of our users first invite some of their clients to get familiar with the applications. They also make sure to complete their profile as fully as possible in order to have more chance to be found by users that are looking for help on the platform.

If you need any more help please let us know. We are also happy to directly schedule a personalized demo. You can schedule a demo here and can find more answer on our help desk

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