Our users find many different ways to bring their existing clients and/or get new clients on Instantgo. Every user who has registered for Instantgo has a unique URL and a single profile page which are one the best ways to bring awareness to their services and expertise.

Here you can find a quick video tutorial on how to find your unique URL and what you can do to get new clients:

One of the first steps to bring and generate business on Instantgo is to use the sharing features available on the app.   

Having a well thought through profile with all your expertise tags will also help you be more discoverable within the app. Over time and as you get more transactions and reviews from users, you will be able to increase your ranking in your professional category. 

The more specific you describe your expertise, the more chance you have to be connected when someone is looking for it. Simply make sure to list all your expertise within the app.

There are many other ways to generate business on the app. One of the many features we offer within the app is for for example for users to recommend your services to others when they give you a 5-star rating. At the end, the better the service you offer, the more business you will get. 

If you need or want a more personalized approach, you can always set a personalized demo with a member of our team. Simply click here to schedule a time!

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