The time it takes to get an answer depends on each individuals. Some users and experts answer immediately, others might take days. Also, because you can reach people all around the world on Instantgo, the person you are trying to reach might be on a different time zone or unavailable for many other random reasons.

In order to help guide our users and get an indication of the average time it takes to receive an answer, we have added a "response time" indicator on every profile. This is the measure of the average time it takes for that particular user to answer questions or chats. This measure doesn't take into account the time to answer voice calls or video calls but offers a good indicator of what you can expect. 

Again, this is just an indication and not an exact measure of how long you will have to wait to get a response.

Remember that you can always submit a rating to a user by visiting the chat conversation, clicking on the $ sign on the top right and selecting submit rating. You can change that particular rating at anytime.

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