It's a good practice to backup your personal data and other important information from your devices. You always want to make sure that in the case of a security breach or other incident, you still can recover and access your valuable information.

Instantgo sends you important information via email such as your payment receipts or when you have received a payment on your account. Make sure to backup your email to other external storage units so you can easily recover that information.

The same goes for your login and account information. You want to make sure you can easily recover and access that information if something happens. It's a good idea to copy the information such as your email and other relevant information on a separate device or storage unit. Ideally, your backups should be made on units that are not connected to the Internet so you reduce the risk of loss of data if you encounter a security breach.

Another steps you can take is to take screenshots of your account in order to have a copy of the information it contains. Once again, it is a good practice to add this information to devices which are not Internet connected.

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