On Instantgo, each transaction is made directly from one user to another user's account using the payment method agreed between you (by default, experts can use PayPal but it is up to both users to decide which one they prefer).

If you want to have a refund from a particular user, please get in touch with them as they are the only one who have received the payment and can decide to refund you (we do not receive that payment).

Explain to the other the situation and try to find an agreeable solution for the both of you. Remember, you can always rate a user so depending on what solution is found, you can decide to leave a specific rating to them.

Also if you can't find a solution or you feel that something more serious is going on with that user, you can often dispute the payment if you have a really good reason to do so, Each payment method use a different resolution system so contact the payment system you have used for that particular transaction. if you have made the payment through PayPal, you can submit your claim here.

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