On Instantgo, you can request a service or a product at anytime from any user. Simply find their profile, click on connect and then start chatting with them. You don't need to pay for the first interaction with user. They can decide at anytime to request a payment or pay you for what you are offering.

This offers a possibility to users to discuss first about what they are looking for before making a payment.

Users can also allow you to call them or initiate a video call with them at anytime. They simply need to click on the $ found on the top right of the chat screen to change their setting and allow for that action to happen. 

For example, you are looking for your monthly horoscope. You send a chat to an astrologer for it over chat. You share couple of messages but then want to discuss it over the phone. The astrologer simply need to click on the $ sign and allow you to call them.

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