You can directly from within your chat with someone pull and draw a tarot cards. This makes it very convenient when you are offering a reading or when someone wants to send a card and get an interpretation of their meaning in relation to their questions instantly.

In order to pull a tarot card from within the chats, simply click on the card icon you will find at the bottom of your screen when you have an open conversation with someone:

Once that button has been pressed, you will get presented with a window within your chat that invites you to select a card to be pulled:

Once you have clicked on one of these cards, the card will be sent and revealed to the users in that chat (you and the other party):

If you want to see the card better, you can always press on it to see it bigger:

Both users can decide to draw the cards within a chat so it is something that really depends on personal preferences if you prefer to draw yourself the cards for your one self or pull them for the other user.

You can reset the tarot card deck you have use at anytime by simply clicking on the reset button.

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