Groups on Instantgo are relatively different from other platforms. This is how they work:

  • You can only create one group per user.

  • All your followers are automatically added to the group when you create one. They don't need to join your group. This means that your group will have a number of members from the get go.

  • There are two types of notifications: 

  1. When you write a simple message within the group or get an answer from someone inside the group, others users will see on their chat tab the number of unread messages from your group but will not get notified each time someone post a message (this would be too annoying if each time people would receive a notification for each message sent in the group).

  2. As the owner of your group, you will see a "Notify All" button which appears on the top right of the group window. When you click on Notify All, you will be invited to create a post. Once that post has been sent, it will publish that post to your group and notify all users of that new post. This is an amazing way to reach all your followers whenever you want. Still, you want to use the Notify All feature for only big announcements and news as if you use it too often, you have the chance that people will get annoyed by all those notifications and leave your group or unfollow you. 

  • You can block any user from your group and manage its members at anytime

  • You can change the name of your group and its picture at anytime

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