How do you charge for services?

Instantgo charges for the services provided on its platform by combining the rate defined by a user with the time or number of actions linked to that rate. For example, in a phone communication, the price of a conversation will be time you spend with the price per minute that the other user is charging for their time.

Before starting a conversation, you will have a chance to review the different rates that this other user has decided to charge so you can easily decide for yourself if you want to proceed and accept that rate before being connecting. 

For example, a professional might decide to charge $4 per minute for her time on the phone. If you spend 5 minutes of conversation with her, your credit card will be charged $20.00 for that phone call ($4 per minute times 5). 

You can also decide at anytime to provide yourself services on the platform and set your own rates for all incoming communications.