What is the price to use Instantgo?

Instantgo lets users connect to each other. You can download the mobile app and register on the platform or on the app for free.

The price to use one of our services will depend what you are doing on the platform, what feature you are using and to whom you want to be connected with. Because each users on Instantgo can decide how much they want to charge for their time, the price of using Instantgo will vary depending on who you are interacting with.

You will always have a chance to review the different rates of another user before deciding to be connected with him/her. For example, the price you will pay for a phone communication will therefore depend on the time you spend with a particular user over the phone and the rate per minute that is charged by that specific user. The same concept is applied to the chats or the other features and services on the app. It will always depend on the price that has been set for such feature by the other user.

On the other hand, you can also decide to provide your services and help whenever you want. There is no subscription or other fee to be paid in order to do so in the platform.

You can simply login and fill the required information on the "Get Paid" section of the site and/or mobile app to get started and get paid for these services over time. You will only pay a 20% commission on the revenues you generate through Instantgo.