What is the commission amount that is charged when I provide a service?

Instantgo charges a 20% commission fee on the total amount that has been generated by the service being provided. Instantgo doesn't require users to pay for a subscription or pay any other fees in order to start using the platform and providing your time and services.

The 20% commission fee is applied on any communication that generates a revenue. For example, let's say that you have decided to set your phone rate at $5 per minute. If you spend 10 minutes of your time in a discussion if which you are the one getting paid for your time, the total amount for that specific transaction would be $50 ($5/minute x the 10 minutes spent on the phone). Instantgo will charge a commission of 20% on those $50 resulting in a fee of $10.00. In this example, this conversation would have generated $40 for you which will be then added to your account balance.  

This fee of 20% is applied to any transaction on the platform resulting of a phone call, chat conversation or any other ways that exist in the platform to communicate between paying users.