Can I offer my services if I don't fill out the "Get paid" section?

You can decide to start offering your services and help even if you didn't fully completed the "Get paid" section yet. Still, after couple of days, the system will require you to fill all the information to continue being able to charge for your time and other actions on the platform. This because we need to ensure we have the right personal information before we let you continue providing your services.

Usually, users have 8 days from the day they have registered to the day they need to provide all the information on the "Get paid" section to be able to continue offering their services.

To start providing help and get paid for your time, you need to at least fill your different price rates in the "Settings" section so the system knows how much you want to get paid for the different actions you can take on Instantgo (e.g. receive a call, reply to a chat message, etc...).

Instantgo will be able to actually pay you for the services you have offered only when you have filled all the required information in the "Get paid" section such as your banking information.