How do I get a verified profile?

To get your profile verified on Instantgo, you first need to fill all the required information on the "Get paid" section. Only people who have completed their "Get paid" section are eligible to get their profile verified. This because it helps us make sure your identity and the one you have used on the platform are similar. Your legal name and banking information need to match the name you use in your profile.

Once this has been done, you can contact us here and we will look to see if you need to be verified on the platform. At this stage, we only verify people who have a serious reason to go through the verification process such as because they are celebrities or because they have a big risks of being impersonated on the platform by someone else.

If your legal name is different than your profile name because you use a different name in public, please send us an explanation with your ID when you request your profile to be verified so we can verify your profile manually.