When do I get paid?

Instantgo sends money to your account once a week, usually on Friday (if not a bank or other national holiday).

When you provide a service on Instantgo and get compensated for it, it might take up to 4 days for that transaction to appear on your account balance within the app. This is to ensure that the service was dutifully provided and that the other party is not asking for a refund or something else.

Once that transaction appears on your account, it will be paid with the remaining balance that is owed to you the next time you get paid when you have reached the minimum balance amount on your account of $50.

Because Instantgo takes the quality of the services provided on the platform very seriously, it's possible that a transaction is paid during the next payment cycle in order to make sure that all parties are satisfied. For example, a service provided on a Thursday might be paid only the next Friday (+8 days) to ensure that the service provided complies with the use of the platform and its services.

Everytime Instantgo sends a payment, you will receive an email notification with the amount that has been wired to you so you can track with your bank when the money is to be received. The time is takes for a transaction to appear on your bank account depends on many variables such as the processing time of your bank where you are located geographically in the world (foreign wires usually take more time to be processed).