To get your profile verified on Instantgo, you need to:

  • Fill all the required information on the "Get paid" section. Only people who have completed their "Get paid" section are eligible to get their profile verified. This because it helps us make sure that your identity and the one you have used on the platform is similar.
  • Have your legal name and banking information match the name you use in your profile. If for a particular reason (e.g. artist), this is different let us know.
  • Be paid on your bank account at least one time by Instantgo. This means that you need to have reached the minimum balance to get paid at least once (at the time of writing, this amount is currently $50).

We verify profiles when we feel that there is a real interest for the Instantgo community overall. We generally do so for key categories, individuals and businesses. We can also verify a profile because a particular user has a heightened risks of being impersonated on the platform by someone else.

If you feel that your profile should be verified, please complete all the steps above and contact us here. We will look to see if you meet the requirements to be verified on the platform.

Due to high level of demands, we cannot answer to all requests. We do our best to review every demand and might get back to you for additional information.

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